Mar. 23rd, 2009 06:47 pm
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... are very, very strange. At least the one closest to where I work is.

Now I am by no means a marketing expert, but the little I have gleaned, is that the main purposes of promotions / special offers are as follows :
1/ To get people to come into your shop.
2/ To get people already in your shop to spend more money than they would have otherwise.
3/ To get people to come back to your shop, and spend more money at some future time.

There may possibly be other more secret reasons that I am not aware of, but these I think are the main ones. Now, given these assumptions, and also given the following :
1/ This Subway store is quite out of the way, so no passing trade would see any promotional posters etc in the windows.
2/ There WERE no promotional posters in the windows.
3/ Subway sandwiches cost between £3 and £6 depending on the size and what you have on them

Could somebody now please tell me the logic behind the following offer, as it's been confusing me since lunchtime:
"Buy a large drink for £1.20 and get your sandwich free".

Now as I've already stated, this offer was not publicised, and therefore no-one would know about it until they were actually in the shop. So the sum total achieved by this? My conclusion was that I went into the shop to buy a sandwich, got it cheaper than I was already planning on paying, and got a free drink...

I'm really not at all sure what Subway get out of this deal...
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Ok, here's how it works...go to Google and type your first name and then the rest of the question. Make sure the phrase is in quotation marks. Type the first thing that corresponds - or the first one you like as long as it is on the first page.

1. Google ''[your name] needs'':
K needs more friends (hmmm, having issues keeping up with all the ones I’ve already got…)

2. Google ''[your name] looks”:
K looks magic in black

3. Google ''[your name] likes'':
K likes it hot, spicy and complicated (ROFLMAO!)

4. Google ''[your name] says'':
K says F*#@ it

5. Google "[your name] wants"
K wants To Remind You It’s Senior Night at 850.

6. Google ''[your name] does'':
K does not stem BMD decline in postmenopausal women.

7. Google ''[your name] hates'':
K hates sandwiches!

8. Google ''[your name] can'':
K can still pitch shoes

9. Google ''[your name] goes'':
K goes high tech

10. Google ''[your name] is'':
K is proving to be neither red nor blue, but rather a truly purple policy

11. Google ''[your name] loves'':
K loves Obama (true!)

Incidentally, whilst doing the above I accidently stumbled on the following:

which may be of interest to [ profile] invisible_al. At least, I would be interested to hear his opinions on it's accuracy...


Mar. 14th, 2009 12:00 pm
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Well, I'm chilling out at my parent's house this weekend after a crazy fortnight. Am happy to report being still in pjs despite that fact that it's afternoon.
Meanwhile [ profile] shazrasha is off gallavanting at a Maelstrom player event I now wish I'd gone to... (the sensible part of my brain is telling me that would have been crazy)

In other news, this week we had a lovely dinner at the abode of [ profile] trevor_davies and his equally lovely wife. As a recommendation, if you go to dinner and Trev and Lesley's, you will get two desserts, but will be pissing yourself laughing so hard it may well be a challenge to eat either of them...

Oh and I must recommend Bee Movie, which I watched for the second time last night. Dreamworks just seem to be getting better and better.


Mar. 11th, 2009 07:33 pm
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I love words. Some of you may have noticed this from the fact that I use a lot of them, a lot of the time. I particularly like big and complicated words, words that sound nice, old-fashioned words and words with interesting meanings.

I have a lot of words I really like for various different reasons, but my favourite word has to be "undermine". I like it because it is very, very literal and conjures a lovely mental image.

   /ˌʌndərˈmaɪn or, especially for 1, 2, 4, ˈʌndərˌmaɪn/[uhn-der-mahyn or, especially for 1, 2, 4, uhn-der-mahyn]
–verb (used with object), -mined, -min⋅ing.
1. to injure or destroy by insidious activity or imperceptible stages, sometimes tending toward a sudden dramatic effect.
2. to attack by indirect, secret, or underhand means; attempt to subvert by stealth.
3. to make an excavation under; dig or tunnel beneath, as a military stronghold.
4. to weaken or cause to collapse by removing underlying support, as by digging away or eroding the foundation.

Extract from

I now invite you to do two things :
1/ Share with me your favourite word(s) and explain what about them appeals to you
2/ If you aren't already, sign up to receive "Word of the Day" email from, and share with me the fun of words! They also have interesting podcasts on the etymology and derivation of words, for anyone who's as geeky as I am interested
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I would love all of your opinions on this set of photographs

I'm doing quite a bit of editing on them, so any suggestions will be most appreciated.

Royal Mail

Mar. 10th, 2009 08:33 pm
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Have to admit to being somewhat hacked off.

Now I'm sure when Royal Mail used to put one of their lovely red "sorry you were out" cards through the letterbox, they generally used to say leave about 3 - 4 hours before collecting. This was good, it meant I could get stuff posted to me, receive a card (usually about 10am ish) then on arriving home from work pop down the road to the sorting office (it's open until 6:15)

But lately, it seems that they've been putting "leave 24 hours before collecting" which means I have to wait an extra day for whatever extravagant internet-shopping goody I've spent too much on this time.

Probably not that important in the grand scheme of things, but I find it minorly irritating...
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...No pun intended in reference to titles of recent LARP games

So I have decided to make a concerted effort to start using my lj again. And various other projects that seem to have fallen by the wayside, plus, hopefully some new ones.

My 10 days Artificer / Futility holiday ended today with me going back to work. This may or may not have been a good thing. Normality, whilst mostly overrated, is something that needed to be dealt with at some point. However, I suspect that in addition to not actually achieving anything productive today, I may in fact have had the effect of negative work on my office. Mainly due to distracting other people from working as well as not doing any myself. It will take few days I think, good job my boss is on holiday and we're not insanely busy at the moment.

Artificer, whilst emotionally draining, was pure unadulterated joy. I won't go into specifics, because anyone who is that interested has already read my thoughts on the forum. But I will say that it has had a very similar effect as last Artificer - to inspire me, and to give me a bloody good kick up the backside. A sharp reminder of the things which actually matter to you is always welcome...

Taking the week after off, whilst extravagent and shockingly self-indulgent was I think a wise move.

And then, I enjoyed a lovely weekend's photography with some lovely people.

So today, I awake refreshed, and whilst not quite back into work mode, have ideas, thoughts and feelings whooshing around my head again. For too long in recent memory, I have been quite frankly, boring and unsociable. Not anymore...

Watch this space. Stuff may happen.
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So having spent the last 26 years detesting history with a fiery, fiery passion (I put this down to some very poor and unenthusiastic teaching), after the aquisition of Sky television (and with it a number of history channels...), and some unconscious gentle prodding of my curiosity from [ profile] wiserabbit I've come to the conclusion that it's actually fascinating.

After a two hour special on the "Lost Book of Nostradamus" several weeks ago, followed by "Cities of the Underworld" and then on to last weekend's Artificer, where my interest in heraldry was piqued by an equally interesting document, I'm officially hooked.

So, I think I've got a lot of catching up to do....

Off to Amazon for a long overdue purchase I think

For Chiara

Mar. 4th, 2009 01:12 pm
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This is also up on Flickr and linked from the Artificer Forums, so please feel free to ignore if you've already seen

Isana's Legacy )


Mar. 4th, 2009 12:53 pm
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This is oddly fitting....
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Well, the long awaited results of my OU Course came out today (although I have to wait until November for the detailed feedback) and I got 93%, Written Assignment : Excellent, Visual Awareness : Excellent and Techincal Quality : Excellent.
So I am more than a little chuffed. The photo panel I submitted, for anyone interested is here

Grr Meme

Aug. 11th, 2008 08:05 pm
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Your result for The Sexuality Spectrum Test...

Bi/Slightly Gay

You scored -1 (-52 being completely gay, 0 being bisexual, and 52 being completely straight)

For the most part, you are bisexual. You have a slight preference for the same gender, but either gender would suit you. If you are sexually inexperienced, it is possible that this will change after you do some experimenting.

Take The Sexuality Spectrum Test at HelloQuizzy

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A news site called Now Public has requested 3 of my photos for a news article! Probably not that exciting to anyone else, but ho hum :

Also 6 out of my last batch of Maelstrom photos were requested for use as icons etc.

:-) Makes all the saving for my new camera even more worth it.
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Hi All! Yes it's been a zillion years since I last posted, so I'm slack, ho hum. For those of you that haven't seen me in the intervening period I am still alive.

Am currently having major dilemma. Exactly half of me wants to play the next Serenity event and the other half wants to crew it. For anyone who has an opinion on which I do please express it now in the traditional voting stylee.

Many Thanks

P.S I'm sure I've done loads of stuff, will try and come up with a summary soon(ish)


Apr. 15th, 2008 06:16 pm
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Your results:
You are Green Lantern
Green Lantern
The Flash
Iron Man
Wonder Woman
Hot-headed. You have strong
will power and a good imagination.

Click here to take the Superhero Personality Test

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Worked 74 hours last week. Which is mental. But at least I'm getting my bonus!! (Links to frivolous spending plans here and here).

Not done much else, other than enjoying a lovely lazy day with [ profile] jenna_elise on Saturday. Am now revising camera manual in order to be fully versed in advance of my course starting in a few weeks time.

Photo Blog

Apr. 6th, 2008 10:52 pm
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Well, since I'm now officially a student of photography at the OU, I decided to start a photo blog, initially for the length of the course but I will probably carry it on afterwards.
I've decided to keep this seperate from my normal lj account, for various reasons, one of which being avoiding peeing you all off with continuous wittering and filling up / crashing your friends pages with lots of photos...

For those of you who are interested the link is , not on lj as it means 1/ Not constantly logging in and out and 2/ Most of the other people on the course I've found so far seem to be on blogspot.

Have also put a link in my sidebar.

In other news great night out Sat, sorry I didn't get to talk to you all more, and work is tiring
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